Ciba polymer Alborz Company has been started in 2016 with an annual production capacity of 5000 MT of powder and solvent-based acrylic resins. In this short time, we have succeeded to offer a wide variety of products to the market on the basis of our experienced founders and well experienced research and development department staffs in coating and ink industry, thus we have achieved a good position in the domestic market and our future goal is to expand our markets through to MENA, CIS and the other areas.

Road marking Resins

Our road marking resins - Cibaline - are one of the main products of this company, which is the result of long time investigation of our well experienced R&D department engineers...


Automotive coating resins

Another product of Ciba Polymer is solution acrylic resin to cover protection of metals, paint and varnish metal surfaces in automotive application. These resins are based on methacrylic...


Acrylic resins for plastic surfaces

This product is based on solvent-borne thermoplastic acrylic resins and intended for use in the coating of plastic and composite surfaces. This product has a good compatibility...


Printing industry resins

Printing inks produced from our bead polymers will outperform conventional resins in areas of flow, hold-out, gloss and solubility. Whether used in screen printing inks, flexographic (flexo) printing...


Porcelain and ceramic industry resins

On the basis of our well experienced research and development department, Ciba Polymer provides a range of resins for printing on porcelain, ceramics and glasses which include solvent based...


Bead polymers

These types of polymers are acrylic monomers and the product is quite solid spherical beads. They can be used in different applications for a wide range of requirements. They offer a large selection of different compositions, size, Tg and molecular weights and their main advantage...


Solvent-based resins

Our solvent-based resin brands "Cibagum" and "Cibaline" have achieved a strong market position and are trusted for their quality and performance. Products that have been marketed in this area include 1k, 2k and 3k road marking resins, metal and plastic surface coatings resins and...


Emulsion Polymers

Water-based resin solutions help our customers meet environmental compliance requirements and reduce human health hazards while maintaining the high-performance level expected from markets. Due to the wide range of products manufactured by this method...

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Thanks and gratitude

We would like to extend our thanks to all the visitors who visited the booth of this company at 21th International Exhibition of Paint and Resin.

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Production of different types of urethane acrylic resins

In the field of producing types of powder and acrylic resins, this product was produced and marketed in 2018.

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We are proud to invite you to visit the booth of Ciba Polymer Alborz Company in the 21st International Paint, Resin, Coatings, Composites and Plating Industries Fair.

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